The Mapping of New York State: A Study in the History of Cartography

Copyright 2011 by David Yehling Allen

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Chapter 1: The Period of Exploration, 1500-1632

Chapter 2: The Dutch Period: 1624-1664, 1673-1674

Chapter 3: French Maps, 1633-1760

Chapter 4: Anglo-American Mapping, 1664-1750

Chapter 5: Property and Boundary Mapping in Colonial New York

Chapter 6: Maps of Colonial New York, 1750-1775

Chapter 7: Mapping the Revolutionary War in New York

Chapter 8: Mapping a New State, 1784-1804

Chapter 9: Mapping an Expanding Empire State, 1790-1830

Chapter 10: Scientific Mapping in New York before 1860

Chapter 11: Commercial Cartography, 1830-1860

Chapter 12: Scientific and Government Mapping, 1850-1918

Chapter 13: Commercial Cartography, 1860-1920

Chapter 14: Mapping New York Since 1920


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